We are Wasserwerker

We are driven by the responsibility for water and people.

For us ‘Made in Germany’ is an important milestone on our way to sustainability.

The production

Smart and accurate

Every day we give our best.

We increase the precision of our

products by using a modern and

semi-automatic assembling machine

based in Wallenhorst, Germany.

Thereby we can guarantee faucets

of outstanding quality. Equipped with

short delivery routes and an excellent service,

we offer first-class products for your kitchen.


Solid and valuable

A solid brass body is our

fundament. Produced precisely

and made of solid material. Many

years of experience in designing and

producing sanitary products is our base

for valuable kitchen faucets.

The testing

Accurate and detailed

We do not leave anything to

chance. Each faucet is going

through a highly modern and

automized quality check. Doing

this, we make sure that the faucet

lasts for a long period of time.

The chrome plating

A brilliant performance

Latest process technologies

give our Wasserwerk kitchen

faucets a durable chrome plating.

This surface refinement guarantees,

amongst others, a stylish and reliable

partner in the kitchen.

The cartridge

A reliable partner

Invisible but still essential.

Hidden inside the faucet and

equipped with excellent features.

The high-quality cartridge makes

it possible to mix hot and

cold water smoothly and

precisely 24 hours a day.

A safe kitchen partner to trust.


The packaging

As sustainable as the production

of our faucets is their transport.

We ship our Wasserwerk faucets

in environment-friendly and high-quality

packaging without plastic. Thanks

to preassembled tubes, a central fixing pipe

and a clear manual, Wasserwerk faucets

can be easily installed in every kitchen.