We are Wasserwerk

Customize your faucet with a high-quality engraving and make it

truly impressive and one of a kind.

Your faucet

The customization

At Wasserwerk we offer the opportunity to customize

your kitchen faucet completely according to your wishes.

Whether you wish to add a family name, a company logo,

a text or your favorite picture - tell us about your design

wishes and we will design your faucet handle at your

convenience. Using a powerful laser, we engrave your

desired motif on the handle of our Wasserwerk products.

This type of refinement enables exceptionally fine engraving,

can be used on all Wasserwerk surfaces and is extremely durable.

An astonishing one of a kind

The engraving

Thanks to our in-house production facility in Wallenhorst,

all our Wasserwerk products can be customized.

Our experienced Wasserwerk team implements your

individual wishes in accurate detail work and engraves

your motif precisely on the handles of our Wasserwerk

faucets using a fine fiber laser. Exact placement of

the desired motif as well as thorough selection of

laser thickness, depth and structure give your Wasserwerk

faucet the final touch and make it truly exceptional.

Are you interested?

Wasserwerk faucets can be customized in any desired quantity. Please do not hesitate

to contact us.


Telephone: +49 5407 8152902